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Our products can be found in space, on the bottom of the ocean and anywhere in between. Your needs and requirements decide how we use available materials and what solutions we offer.

The Elitkomposit development department thrives on challenges. As specialists in composite production, with focus on glass and carbon fiber based architecture, we have helped many companies and organizations to get past the limits of conventional materials. This gives our customers advantages when competing in their market, and opens the door for new technical advancements. As a complete supplier, we can offer engineering and development services for both small and big projects.

Composite manufacturer and developer.

We mainly manufacture products in epoxy based composites, predominantly reinforced by glass or carbon fibre, but also kevlar and other synthetic fiber. With refined production methods we are able to ensure a high and stable level of quality. With an effective and project focused organization, we have become a trusted partner for demanding customers in, among others, the space industry, the defence industry and medical industry.



When creating composite products we don’t only develop the products, but also the materials and the process. Our experience becomes your resource when you involve us in your project.


ISO Certified

Elitkomposit AB is certified according to ISO 9001.


Series production

A prototype or tens of thousands of serial units per year? Elite composite helps you develop both the product and the machines that manufacture it. Over the years we have designed and built a large number of production stations. At Elit Composite you get qualified DFM support and all our experience in machine building.

Elit Composite has a unique broad experience of delivering to different industries with different needs. But the common denominator is always demanding products for demanding customers. The smallest details weigh 0.14 grams and the largest closer to 2.7 tonnes. But they are both complex structures designed to meet very specific requirements. We’ll solve it!

Always at the forefront


Elit Composite is located in Uddevalla in the historic shipyards area. The old interior decoration with its 6300 m2 is now home to 34 dedicated employees and all the equipment required to manufacture truly sophisticated composites. Despite our modest size, together with a few other companies in Europe, we are in the exclusive range delivering groundbreaking solutions to space and defense industries.


Development and production

We know what is possible and what is not when it comes to composite production. Our expertise and our tech team help customers to find the most effective way to push projects forward, from early phase all the way to start of production. Meeting specific requirements, producibility and cost control are top priorities in every project.


Production methods

We have unique insight in a multitude of different production methods. That’s why we can offer the optimal alternative for every kind of application, making sure that cost and performance correspond with customer expectations.


Modern production with clean room

Our modern production facilities with 67,812 square feet allows both effective prototype production and volume production. With our approved class 6 clean room (ISO SS-EN ISO 14644 certified), we can take on extra demanding manufacture of, amongst other things, artifact free x-ray patient supports and satellite parts.

In Trollhättan is our wholly owned subsidiary, the tool manufacturer Hagman Prototype. Where Toolmaking and all cutting finishing takes place. Biggest machine can handle 3.6 x 2.6 x 1.2 meters 5-axis. There are also four modern Negri Bossi injection molds in which we develop production technology for thermoplastic composites.

Product Examples

Below a small selection of products that we have manufactured for both Swedish and
international customers.

Wheelchair Panthera X

Elitkomposit manufactures the composite to the world’s lightest wheelchair. With its 2.1kg lift weight (ie without wheels) it is half as heavy as the closest competitor. The chair is made of prepreged high-carb type carbon fiber in stand-alone metal tools. Consolidation pressures are obtained from internal molded latex blisters (BIM, Bladder Inflation Molding). Elitkomposit has developed the curing process with the integrated thermoplastic layer and helped Panthera with product development. Over 4000 chairs are produced.

Mammography object board Philips Healthcare

Elitkomposit is the serial supplier of object board for low dose mammography to Philips Healtcare. The demands on purity are extreme, because there can not be artifacts larger than 10 μm in the X-ray window. Therefore, the object table is built in a cleanroom and the incoming material are X-rayed to ensure purity. Any malfunctions in the material may be stamped and replaced with approved material. Elitkomposit has manufactured over 1000 item boards.

Our experience

World-class competence! Elitkomposit AB has over the years acquired deep knowledge in compositional production technology. We apply a handful of different processes everyday. We have built up unique skills in tool and machine building to meet specific process and product requirements.

When you turn to us, you can be sure that we help you choose the right process and the right material for your particular application. Whether it’s about strength or geometric requirements, electrical requirements or fatigue resistance, we help you meet – and usually exceed – the requirement.

Material knowledge, process knowledge and our ability to innovate in production equipment enables us to always offer the most cost-effective, and technically most suitable solution for each application.

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